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Kiss My Cake’s macarons, gelato, and cupcakes, are the best in the city. I am personally challenging everyone to go out to Hungtington Village and to check this place out.
— Keith M. -Staten Island, NY
I will never go anywhere besides KMC for french macaroons ever again!! They are so soft and delicious, they melt in your mouth, and you want to eat every single one. Best French Macarons ever!
— C.F. -Town of Oyster Bay, NY
I love this place. I’m seriously considering moving to Huntington just to be closer to it. So glad they started shipping. Their macarons are the BEST. They have the greatest flavors, and the service when you go in the store is wonderful. I will definitely be using them for my wedding desserts when the time comes.
— H.M. -Holbrook, NY
The show stopper is the newest creation that I was lucky enough to taste on the first day of its inception, the Hot Shake (w/ or w/o espresso). With the colder weather on its way, I can guarantee this gelato based silky smooth, and frothy beverage will bring me back for many weeks to come.
— Andrew M. -Huntington, NY
This exquisite little bake shop/café showcases irresistible little confections that will delight your taste buds... and *possibly* even melt your dark, dark heart. It lives up to its name. Yes, I want to kiss each little cake and macaron, not to mention those incredible-sounding gelati in flavors like ambrosia and ricotta cheese plate with dried apricots swirled in.
— Joi B. -New Orleans, LA
These are the best cupcakes I have ever had, without question - and I’ve been to all of the popular cupcake spots in NYC. The other cupcake spots aren’t even on the same level. You have to try the lemon-basil, chocolate chili, and salted caramel, but I haven’t had a cupcake from here that I don’t like.
— Ali G. -Southampton, NY
OMG OMG the macaroons are heavenly! We got rose, jasmine, salt caramel chocolate, and cottoncandy. This place is simply a must try. I’m sad I don’t live here!
— Elizabeth T. -San Francisco, CA