The Coffee: Our robust Columbian coffee beans come from Queens-based, Dallis Bros. "As a premier roaster and purveyor of fine coffees, Dallis Bros. is the New York original." They "have been providing coffees to establishments that set world-renown standards for culinary excellence for almost 100 years." This coffee offers a wonderfully sparkling acidity balancing stonefruit and sweet lemon.

The Espresso: Our deep Arabica blend espresso beans come from Albany-based, Chris' Coffee. Starting in 1975 "Chris' Coffee Service is now a nationally recognized local roaster of premier gourmet coffees and espressos including their own Machristay gourmet coffee, and one of the few surviving family-owned local coffee services operating in the Capital District today." This espresso offers bright citrus notes and hints of chocolate.

The Tea: Our premium sachet teas come from Arizona-based, Sir Aubrey's White Lion Traditional Tea. "White Lion Tea, with its award-winning packaging, is served in some of the world's finest resorts and spas."